Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Morning Reflections?

As I sip some hot coffee and reflect on a week in MS/JH ministry, I am continued to be amazed by the depth and beauty of a students heart. Once you get past the shell of "there just a JHer" (personally, I will throw down if I hear it again) you find something so real and true. They are truly wet cement! What you say/or don't say and do/or don't do is going to leave an impression. How you react to them is going to impact them one way or the other. The thing is there is no or very little adult agenda yet, it is honest and blunt. You get the "God (blank) Sucks", instead of the polite churchy "I am struggle with my personal life with God"... nope it is right there no hold barred. Take it or leave it. I guess the problem is more people are leaving it? Church adults get flipped out and uncomfortable with real and authentic Christianity. So we end up impressing on our young christians: christians don't struggle and christians aren't transparent and real with each other? Also, by adults not wanting to commit to ministering to JHers, it tells them they are not important until they are older, and by then it just maybe to late.

Just a little reflection as the caffeine begins to kick in over some converstations with both students and adults over the last week or so

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